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Trompe L’oeil Class 6 of 9

Man.  Those straight edges really make a difference.  It’s going to look wicked smaht with the newspaper edges and shadows.  I got most of the colors right.  I’ll probably skip some details.  Still working pretty slowly, though.  I really need to put in some time during the week.

I’m still digging the acrylics, although I need a way to keep them wet, preferably for days at a time.  I hate throwing out substantial amounts of mixed colors every week.

Trompe L’oeil Class 5 of 9

Coming along.  Slowly.  I’m surprising myself.

The instructor is Patrick Kirwin.  Kyrwin?

These classes are great.  3+ hours devoted just to painting in a room full of other people with the same interest and a great instructor giving you tips and techniques along the way.   There’s a family in the class.  Mother, father and daughter.  Indian.  I think that is so cool.  It would be great to take a class with a friend.  Maybe going outside into DC or a park and painting some landscapes.

Check out  So many options for portable painting.  But it will cost you.  I just got a fancy but cheap case and a special case for transporting wet paintings.  That was expensive enough.  But if you get one of those fancy French portable things with all the accessories and backpack and tripod.  You could easily spend, like, $700.

It’s kind of funny because the instructor is hands on.  When he has something to show you he’ll pick up a brush or razor or masking tape and show you on your painting.  That’s a good lesson.  To have someone else get hands on with your “masterpiece”.

It puts things in perspective.  If you look at the source material in one of the earlier blogs you’ll see that the newspaper parts — I painted them with way too much contrast.  The colors are too lively.

But Patrick showed me how to do a glaze.  I’m really digging the acrylics.  Even though they dry on the palette way too quickly for me.  Quick drying with the help of Leika’s old hair dryer really speeds things up.  I’ll figure it out eventually.  But a newspaper colored glaze will really push the liveliness down to that of old newspaper.  Neat.

I have to work on this at home a lot more.  And I’m looking forward to it.

Trompe L’oeil Class 4 of 9

Hm.  I didn’t get very far tonight.  Tried some spattering and speckling to try and get the background looking cardboardy.

The instructor showed me some techniques — this class is all about techniques — with tape to get clean edges: a razor blade, blue paint masking tape, liquid matte.  My edges still aren’t very clean.  I did it wrong.  I’ll get it next time around.

I’ve got a lot to learn, apparently.  I didn’t even know how to keep acrylic paint from drying out on the palette.  Thank goodness for acrylic glaze.  And using a hair dryer to dry the canvas between steps or layers.  Yes, I have a hair dryer.  What?  A bald dude can’t have a hair dryer?  It was Leika’s.  Although, drying a wet dog with a hair dryer was not as effective as I hoped it would be.

In the photo of the painting in progress that I’m about to put here, you’ll notice something.  My colors for the newspaper portion are too bright.  Too lively.  That part of the image is supposed to look flat, which is the opposite of what I always try to do when painting something.  So I’m not sure what to do about that.

I may end up using a yellowish glaze to get that faded newspaper feel.  Also, note how gray the newspaper is.  And how cool the color of the magazine ad with the diamond/titanium jewelry is.  Oy.

I’m definitely going to have to work on this at home.  Three hours of painting and that’s what I got done tonight other than the background.