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Oil Pastels: Rottweiler


There was a point where I almost packed it in. Definitely was about to give up. My drawing is a bit off in facial proportions, but other than that it came out looking like … a portrait of a dog. I’m callin’ it art.

I’m using Colour Shapers to push and pull the pigments around. They’re kind of like brushes except with silicon tips in a variety of shapes instead of bristles.

Oil Pastels: Bluejay

First. Wine and art are congenial companions. I don’t drink, for the most part. But if I am going to drink it’s going to be like a man is supposed to. Alone and questioning his self worth in a spiral of existentialism. Damn straight. A hint of liquid inhibition works wonders when you’re facing the horrors of a blank canvas. Why didn’t someone tell me this sooner? Hm. It looks much better from a distance.

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Oil Pastels: Gone Fishing

Oil Pastels: The Little Man in the Kayak

Let’s Draw … Spring

Oil pastels are different.  I watched a bunch of oil pastel speed painting videos on YouTube last night.

I’d prefer to paint if it weren’t for the set up and clean up time.  They’re different, which is why this turned out a little psychedelic.  I don’t know how to do muted colors.  I started to get the hang of it at a few points.

Had to put some elbow into the blending stumps.

Let’s Draw Something

You know you wanna.

I blame it on the Internet. I’m glad I got this far, but my attention span is brief. I guess I did work all day.  Still, it’s good to make a go of it, right.

I’ve been in the mood to paint. That takes a lot of time and is a bit messy. Then I thought I’d find my colored pencils. Or use some newly acquired pastels.

But then, you know. Let’s start simple.

Not too bad. Some of my proportions are off. I was going to cheat and trace the photo but nah. I need the practice.

Oh, I guess I should post the photo, huh.

Hmmm.  My drawing looks a little chubbier with bigger eyes and therefore younger.  I didn’t capture the gloss of the coat well.  Not sure how to accomplish that with just pencil, though.