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Photography: What color is a plum?

4am, I woke up with my mind racing.Thinking about plums mostly.

In that moment before you take a bite, when you hold it up to the light, polish it on your shirt, beads of water clinging to the skin.

It is purple. A deep purple. Almost black purple. A waxy gray film making it dull in spots. Beneath the purple hide mottled sunset hues. Deeper within the skin an occasional streak of green or a splash of red. There’s a luster, a sheen, a glow, reflections all within the skin flecked with color. That thin, durable membrane that is perfectly resistant enough to protect what’s inside yet inviting enough to be deeply satisfying to bite into.



Painting: Hot Little Tomato

Here we go.  This was fun.  A little tough in some spots, though.  Don’t let me give you the impression that it’s a completely linear, neat process that I’ve somehow mastered.  That’s not how it is.  Not even.  It’s messy with lots of  experimenting and fixing and backtracking and adjustments.  Sometimes it’s downright stressful in that “Oh no, did I just mess it up irreparably?” way.  But that’s just part of the process, I guess.  And you have to trust yourself with it.

Let’s try a slideshowfor this.  With captions, no less.  I recommend clicking “View All Images” so you can get to the full screen slideshow.

Oils 20" x 16"

Missile Mill: Sarah & Gary’s Virtual Painting Class

(This comment reply graduated to a post, which then graduated to a blog.)

This is for you, Sarah.

Mr. Lumpy Tomato with the Funny Green Hairdo

I know, right. I had an idea. I’d like to invite people over for a day of painting. Just spend a day painting, talking, drinking lattes or whatever and snacking on Chevy’s salsa and chips. Listening to music the whole time.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

I read this last night before bed and decided to sleep on it.

I’m not sure what you want to work on but … wait. Should this be an email?  Anyway, I’m not sure what you want to work on in particular but here’s what we can do…

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