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Let’s Draw … Badly

Hm.  The bad news is, this did not turn out well.  The good news is that I found out that the paper in this drawing pad comes in four different colors.

I don’t have control of these oil pastels.  Here are the problems with this one.

The eye is cartoony-big.  This gull could be in a Geico commercial.   Kind of hard to draw precisely with a rounded edge.  Oh.  So that’s what the sandpaper is for?  Sharpening?

Still don’t know how to do muted colors.  But I have a super duper set of oil pastels on the way.  Senneliers.

I don’t know to mix colors smoothly.  Yet.  Senneliers are supposed to be more buttery, i.e. blendable.

I should really do some painting.  Trying to use oil pastels has really opened my eyes even though all subtlety gets lost in translation by the time the idea gets to paper.

But you know me.  I’ll figure it out.  Eventually.

Let’s Draw … Spring

Oil pastels are different.  I watched a bunch of oil pastel speed painting videos on YouTube last night.

I’d prefer to paint if it weren’t for the set up and clean up time.  They’re different, which is why this turned out a little psychedelic.  I don’t know how to do muted colors.  I started to get the hang of it at a few points.

Had to put some elbow into the blending stumps.