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Let’s Draw Something

You know you wanna.

I blame it on the Internet. I’m glad I got this far, but my attention span is brief. I guess I did work all day.  Still, it’s good to make a go of it, right.

I’ve been in the mood to paint. That takes a lot of time and is a bit messy. Then I thought I’d find my colored pencils. Or use some newly acquired pastels.

But then, you know. Let’s start simple.

Not too bad. Some of my proportions are off. I was going to cheat and trace the photo but nah. I need the practice.

Oh, I guess I should post the photo, huh.

Hmmm.  My drawing looks a little chubbier with bigger eyes and therefore younger.  I didn’t capture the gloss of the coat well.  Not sure how to accomplish that with just pencil, though.