Photography: Muggle Quidditch

Oil Pastels: Rottweiler


There was a point where I almost packed it in. Definitely was about to give up. My drawing is a bit off in facial proportions, but other than that it came out looking like … a portrait of a dog. I’m callin’ it art.

I’m using Colour Shapers to push and pull the pigments around. They’re kind of like brushes except with silicon tips in a variety of shapes instead of bristles.

Oil Pastels: Bluejay

First. Wine and art are congenial companions. I don’t drink, for the most part. But if I am going to drink it’s going to be like a man is supposed to. Alone and questioning his self worth in a spiral of existentialism. Damn straight. A hint of liquid inhibition works wonders when you’re facing the horrors of a blank canvas. Why didn’t someone tell me this sooner? Hm. It looks much better from a distance.

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Oil Pastels: Gone Fishing

Oil Pastels: The Little Man in the Kayak