Trompe L’oeil Class 3 of 9

Yes, I missed the first two.  For some reason.  I really, really, really didn’t feel like going to the class for some reason.  Weird.  Can’t explain why other than that I’ve been in serious lone wolf mode lately.

I am intimidated but it was fun.  I’m still intimidated.  Look at that collage-y thing.  Good grief.  This is going to be rough.


Kind of neat how it works so far.  Tracing paper to trace over the imagery.  Then carbon copy paper under the tracing paper.  Trace over your lines on the tracing paper and the image is transferred to the canvas.  Awesome.


I’m using acrylics for this class.  They’re amazing.  I blocked out the background — it’s going to look like cardboard — and the upper left corner was dry by the time I got to the right hand side.  I’m used to painting wet on wet.  But acrylics allows for layering, which is very important for trompe l’oeil.  It will also allow me to do … something … so I can get the texture.

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