You say tomato…

Maybe tonight will be my painting night.  I’m fired up now.

I’ve been thinking, mentally reviewing a strategy.

Like, at the end of the last Torpedo Factory painting class I just finished last week — Achieving the Color You Envision — we all lined the paintings up so we could see what everyone had done.  I was mostly happy with mine.  Some of the perspective was off but it came out well.

There was a young guy in the class, still in high school I think.  He’s got mad skills.  His was beautiful.  I told him that I wanted to see more of his work (and bite his style) because it had so much volume and depth.

The still life filled the entire canvas.  Whereas I included a fair amount of background and table (because I’m interested in the cloth and shadows and textures and realness of the the colors of it) he was zoomed in on the vase and wine glass.

I realized that he did a lot of interpretation.  That was his style.  I tend to try to capture what I see the best I can.  Good painters, apparently, interpret what they see and make it art.  His background was dark.  Much darker than what was actually there but still using the same color values.  Or hues.  Whatever.

He made the darks darker and the highlights and reflections glowed.  Any of the interesting features were artistically exaggerated.  Amazing.  I can’t remember the words he used.  He said something about … motion?  Action?

So that’s what I want to do with this loverly tomato.

I plan to exaggerate the interesting aspects just slightly.  Hopefully, it will still look like a tomato when I’m done.

It’s going to be big, taking up most of the canvas like it’s about to drop out of it and on to the floor.  I was thinking of putting a little color in the background, kind of a gradient, so you’d get the feeling that the tomato was sitting on a surface.  But maybe I could slant the horizon line of the imaginary table so you’d get a sense of action and movement.

Hm.  We’ll see.  That’s big talk.


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