Snow Day: Painting Dragonflies

This is from a photo I took a few months ago.  My colors aren’t true but the values are good.  Unless “values” is the wrong word.

16″ x 20″

My favorite ex-bass student and one of my favorite people once gave me a hemp dragonfly necklace that I really liked.  And ultimately broke/lost.

Dragonflies symbolize seeing through illusion to truth.

Dragonflies, if you are the size of a mouse, can act as an outboard motor for your leaf boat, a la “The Rescuers”.

Given that I’ve been cloistered within the confines of my apartment for days, I figured I needed to attempt to be constructive.   Been working on music and getting up to speed on Cakewalk’s Sonar 8.5 Producer.  Oh man.  Powerful mojo but that’s another blog.

On the way home from work Friday I bought art supplies:  easel, better painting knife, 2″ blending brush, a few canvases, more paint.  And I realized that I don’t have to be in a painting class to paint, although I do miss having other people in the room with me.  Kind of got used to that.


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