Torpedo Factory 2: Black & White

More color value work today.  White hexagon thing with paper against black or charcoal gray cloth.   My cloth doesn’t seem black.  Hmm.  Here’s a quote from a handout:

“Under ordinary conditions pure white paint is about fifty times brighter than black paint, but light-colored objects in sunshine are often several hundred times brighter than deep shadows.  Of course the specular reflection of sun on water or on polished objects is still brighter.  All that the painter can do in representing nature’s intervals of light and shadow is to make his intervals between the narrower range of black and white, proportionate to nature’s greater steps between the illumination of sunlight and the gloom of shadow.”

-Walter Sargent

The thing about this painting is that the highlights on the black cloth are lighter in value than the shadow on the white plaster geometric shape thingy.   My black cloth isn’t dark enough.  If I didn’t tell you what color it was you probably wouldn’t have guessed.  But overall I managed to capture a range of values.

Still, you should see some of the other people’s paintings.  Good grief.  Next time I’m cheating.

And here’s another quote for you:  “The camera on the iPhone 3G sucks ____.”

Thus spake Zarathustra.

Uh, anyhow.  Next week we’re going to be using colors in our Color class.

I know you’re thinking about painting.  I know you’ve got some around and you’ve been meaning to do it or meaning to more of it or to take a class.  Do it.  Then take a picture and let’s compare notes.

Get your pigments on.


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